11 Coolest Gadgets That Are Worth Seeing technology gadgets

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Are you ready for another set of cool gadgets? Today we’ll show you a gimbal that’ll take you vlogs and streams to the next level. And there’s a bunch of cool stuff for your desk: from a tiny retro Mac to a set of mesmerising kinetic toys. And something we all need these days – a deadly weapon against mosquitoes.

0:00 Introduction
0:23 XGIMI Halo Portable Projector: ||
2:29 Levitating Сlock:
3:16 BioLite CampStove KettlePot: ||
4:32 Guitar Hand Exerciser: ||
5:15 iBoy mp3 Player Toy:
5:45 Classicbot Computer Toy:
6:10 Watermelon Cutter Slicer:
6:46 PowerVision S1 Smartphone Gimbal:
8:06 Wandian Anti-Mosquito Band:
9:05 Mezmoglobe Nano Kinetic Toys:
9:35 Mezmocoin Phantom desk toy:

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11 Coolest Gadgets That Are Worth Seeing

11 Coolest Gadgets That Are Worth Seeing

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11 Coolest Gadgets That Are Worth Seeing
technology gadgets
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Aeriok 28/09/2021 - 5:26 PM

Just don’t stick your hand in your pocket and play with that hand exerciser in public….

Aeriok 28/09/2021 - 5:26 PM

Projector is not 4K It’s 1080P, 4K is a different model

Los Up Next 28/09/2021 - 5:26 PM

I wanted that clock but they are all sold out 🥺

Olivia B 28/09/2021 - 5:26 PM

“This projector is fun for the whole family with a great price”
checks price $800

chou user 28/09/2021 - 5:26 PM

your voice seems famillar…

pikachusbulba 28/09/2021 - 5:26 PM

What are the spinny magnets called?

Freya Chan 28/09/2021 - 5:26 PM

Hi there, may I have your email for cooperation issues?

OG_ ROWIE_1 28/09/2021 - 5:26 PM

i was really interested in the clock until i saw the price now not so much lol

Techie Shop 28/09/2021 - 5:26 PM

Love the stuff you have here.

Stuart Brailsford 28/09/2021 - 5:26 PM

Great things.

Michael Javert 28/09/2021 - 5:26 PM

The guitar hand exerciser would be good for anyone that plays a valved instrument. Might also help with piano too. I used to play the trumpet and as long as the valves are well lubricated, they move easily, but it would help with dexterity.

HwithaD 28/09/2021 - 5:26 PM

Bro why do you sound like waptop

BlazicGal 28/09/2021 - 5:26 PM

Gues what.
They aint worth buying again

krailn valderon 28/09/2021 - 5:26 PM

Μου αρέσει να βλέπω αυτά τα βίντεο με τα άχρηστα πράγματα

gadgets 28/09/2021 - 5:26 PM

Hello sir nice video I do get inspired by your video thanks for inspirating me

Dan Dan 28/09/2021 - 5:26 PM

Definitely put the mosquito repellent on your leg so people think you escaped your house arrest!

Vox Snow 28/09/2021 - 5:26 PM

These are cool

karkat byron 28/09/2021 - 5:26 PM

You could have fit an actual mp3 player inside the iBoy and still have the kitschy gimmick of being a robot toy without it getting too expensive. Being just an underwhelming toy robot I don't think it's good enough to be on this list.

oneshot_me 28/09/2021 - 5:26 PM

Enjoyed the video and I gave it a Thumbs Up

Afeef Omar 28/09/2021 - 5:26 PM

Which app you can give order Kano pc

Sameer Alazawee 28/09/2021 - 5:26 PM


Top7 gadgets 28/09/2021 - 5:26 PM

Wow!! All the gadgets are really amazing🤩

Young king 28/09/2021 - 5:26 PM

😂😂😂 the clock is $800

Trattfjant 28/09/2021 - 5:26 PM

Thumbnail be like: nyo-ho (gyro zeppeli from steel ball run)

200Panther 28/09/2021 - 5:26 PM

Who else loves this guy ?

Zeus1955 28/09/2021 - 5:26 PM

Wish you would include the prices.


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