Investing Basics: Fundamental Analysis financial analysis

Subscribe: New investors often ask, “How do I know which stocks to buy?” Don’t just guess—learn how investors can use … Images related to the topic financial analysis Search related to the topic Investing Basics: Fundamental Analysis #Investing #Basics #Fundamental #Analysis Investing Basics: Fundamental Analysis financial analysis See all the latest ways to make money … Read more

What is Financial Intelligence – Financial Literacy financial intelligence

Welcome to this training on financial intelligence and literacy. I’m Oghoghozino, and I will be your facilitator throughout this training. In this training, we will understand what is financial intelligence financial literacy, money, basic financial concepts and how the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer. It definitely would be and amazing teaching. So … Read more

How To Achieve Financial Independence In 10 Years Or Less (10 EASY Steps!) financial independence

A full guide on how to achieve financial independence, and retire early in 10 years or less. Nothing in life is guaranteed, but it would be very difficult to fail if you follow these steps on your path to becoming financially independent. This is the ultimate outline in 10 easy steps for you to transform … Read more

The Best Piece of Money Advice I Can Give financial diet

In this video, Chelsea illustrates the one money rule to live by if you want to get control of your spending: understanding and planning for cost per use. This video is sponsored by CleanMyMac X. Click here to download and improve your Mac’s performance today: Furniture waste produced: Ways Americans waste money: Sinking funds: Join … Read more

Jim Cramer breaks down Monday's sell-off: Still see no reason to buy financial news

“Mad Money” host Jim Cramer said Monday he still has yet to find a reason to buy stocks amid the September pullback. Subscribe to CNBC PRO for access to investor and analyst insights: CNBC’s Jim Cramer said Monday he expects the selling on Wall Street to continue, suggesting investors wait before buying and taking advantage … Read more

Ratio Analysis | Financial Statement Analysis financial analysis

Ratios are an absolutely critical part of financial statement analysis. Ratio analysis allow us to analyze trends in a company’s performance over time, and to compare that performance to the competition. Ratios are usually grouped into 5 categories: (1) profitability ratios (margins and rates of return) (2) short-term liquidity ratios (3) long-term solvency ratios (debt … Read more