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In this tutorial, you will learn what is financial accounting and what are the basics of financial accounting. This lecture is in Urdu and Hindi Language.

The lecture 1 – “ what is financial accounting in urdu ” is a complete introduction to financial accounting and its basics. I guarantee your all confusions will be cleared, if not, then please drop your comments, I will explain them.

This is first lecture of my new series financial accounting tutorials and lectures for beginners in urdu and hindi language so students from India and Pakistan or any other country who speaks hindi or urdu can understand easily, because it’s fact that we better understand in our native language. So if you like my video, don’t forget to hit the like button.

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Well, despite deep explanation financial accounting basics in this video, let me also explain them in the description for more satisfaction and clear understanding of financial accounting definition as well as all definitions of all points or topics covered in this video e.g., assets definition or accounting definition , etc.,

What is meaning of accounting and what is accounting definition ?
Accounting is derived from an old French acont (noun) = ‘to count’.
Accounting is branch of science in which we study about systematic ways of dealing financial information or transactions, and that’s why it is far terms as Accounting is language of Business.

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What are branches of accounting or What are types of accounting ?
1.Financial Accounting
2.Managerial Accounting
3.Cost Accounting
4.Tax Accounting

What is financial accounting? What is it’s definition ?
Financial Accounting is a branch of accounting that gives you information about financial Resources, financial obligations and economic result of a business activity

What are financial resources?
Financial resoures are terms as Assests, following are the examples of financial resources;
Natural Resources: land, oil, and gold etc
Machinery (vehicle etc.) , inventory (foods etc.), furniture
Receivable resources

What are financial obligations?
financial obligations are terms as Liabilities, these are basically Loans and Payable resources.

What is Economic result of Business Activity?
It refers to profit and loss of business activity e.g., expense and revenues.

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what is financial accounting in urdu / hindi | lecture 1

what is financial accounting in urdu / hindi | lecture 1

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what is financial accounting in urdu / hindi | lecture 1
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